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Patient Testimonials

"I finally called Dynamic Physical Therapy when I was fed up and thought I was too young to be dealing with this sort of issue.  I am so thankful I did!  Tara is an amazing doctor to work with, I learned so much, she is extremely knowledgeable and is great at explaining everything and she helped me work through my issues!  I highly recommend her to anyone having pelvic floor issues."

-Kristy M.

Jan 8th 2021

"I will tell ya i hurt but they are wonderful people to be around. So inviting and just sweet. Thank you ladies you are amazing and sweet all of you. Yes you will always be sore but it’s what you have to do. Thanks again you are wonderful!"

-Shawna P.

"I gotta tell you after having major surgery on my left foot Jo got me up and going! She is a wonderful PT that knows and does her job very well! THANKS JO"

-Jeff P.

Dec 11 2020

"everyone is knowledeable, helpful and super nice.  My therapy has helped me tramendously and I am so thankful.  Have recommended them to many people.  Thanks to all!"

-Robin H.

Dec 9 2020

May 11 2020

Oct 12 2020

Oct 22 2020

Oct 22 2020

"Everyone was very friendly and helpful with my treatment.  I would definitely recommend them to others."

-Miranda A.

"From my first visit to my last visit I felt very secure that my care and recovery was there highest priority.  I'm happy to say I made a good decision picking dynamic physical therapy for my recovery needs."


"Jo and staff really do care about their clients, they want them to get better.  I was recovering with them during their move to a new and better location (a very busy time for them) their care for me never lessen it was always top notch.  Highly recommend"

-Joe B.

Oct 8 2020

"good time, best lunch break ever!"


"I just completed my physical therapy for my hip replacement and couldn't be happier.  I absolutely love Dynamic Physical Therapy, and all the gals that worked with me; Johanna, Tara, Stephanie, Kayla, and Chelsea!  Very friendly, professional, and helpful.  A little secret, this is actually my 2nd hip replacement and I went to a different physical therapy business for that hip therapy.  Made a choice to switch to Dynamic for this one, and I am so glad I did, the one on one attention was amazing!  I would recommend Dynamic Physical Therapy to anyone suffering with some kind of pain, they know their stuff! :)"

-Kris S.

"Very helpful, staff was awesome.  I have improved immensely.  I would highly recommend Dynamic Physical Therapy.  Thank you so much for helping me feel better!"

-Barbara F.

Dec 11 2020

"This has been an amazing experience.  All of the people have been extremely helpful.  They work well as a team and are very caring.  They push you hard but with patience."

-Tandy S.

"I love this place!  Johanna, Stephanie, Tara, Kaytlin, and Kayla took excellent care of me after my surgery.  They are like family now.  I highly recommend Dynamic Physical Therapy.  Best in town!"

-Kim B.

Mar 10 2020

Jan 20 2020

"This is a positive review for Tara Kazemfar at Dynamic Physical Therapy in Lewiston.  After having a baby my pelvic floor was not what it should be.  Tara was so knowledge and great to work with on learning physical therapy for my pelvic floor.  I didn't realize constipation was part of the pelvic floor.  I thought when you get older that it's just normal to leak also but it doesn't have to be.  I highly recommend Tara."


Jun 13 2019

"Johanna's manual therapy is awesome!  I have had pain in my neck and shoulder for years.  In a very short time I was feeling so much better.  My stiffness and muscle pain has decreased so I can enjoy my family!  Thank you Johanna and to Stephanie who is always the first friendly face you see as you enter the front door :-) what an awesome group <3 I highly recommend Dynamic Physical Therapy."

-Gwen Z.

Mar 19 2018

"The ladies are simply the ABSOLUTE BEST.  I LOVE THEM!!!!  Going there 3x a week makes my day even though sometimes I may not act like it.  I have been a patient of Johanna's for years.  No one better than her!"

-Skye H.

Mar 15 2019

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU JOHANNA!!!!  I can move today and I slept all night.  I didn't eve take aspirin."

-Robynhawk W.

Mar 21 2019

Sep 10 2018

"I have dealt with chronic back pain for over a year and a half.  I've tried numerous avenues for help and none seemed to do much.  After just one visit to Johanna I felt like a new person.  She knew just what needed to happen to help me be more mobile and pain free again.  She was able to help me get back to living life again... enjoying all the things I have missed for so long.  After the second visit I was even better.  Everyone in the office is very friendly, helpful, and professional.  I highly recommend Dynamic PT!!"

-Jenny C.

Aug 9 2018

"Jo and her staff have given the best therapy I have had in over 30 years.  Their approach to hands on manual therapy is rarely found.  Jo doesn't rely on mechanical manipulation and exercises.  She believes in the healing through touch.  The results have been incredible."

-Rebecca L.

"wonderful results.  excellent P.R. great people.  I am way better.  Thanks"

-Roger M.

Mar 7 2018

"Its unusual to look forward to physical therapy but both my wife and I have had sessions here with excellent results and enjoyed our interactions with the friendly and helpful therapists.  They actually made it fun to go through the therapy and did their utmost to help alleviate my conditions with great results."

-Wes W.

"I am so happy that I found this physical therapist. She is excellent, friendly, compassionate, and professional"

-Karla S.

Feb 7 2018

Feb 23 2018

"I had a terrible headache, neck and shoulder pain for several days.  Johanna did some soft tissue mobilizations and cervical traction and within 15 minutes the pain was gone!  I can move my neck, arms and shoulders totally pain free!! Thank you Jo!"

-Stephanie M.

"The treatment that I received was great.  Everyone in there is kind and compassionate.  It is like being with family.  I will refer everyone I know.  Thanks guys."

-Ward P.

"My left arm was numb. I went to an orthopedic surgeon before going to see Physical Therapist, Johanna Strehle at Dynamic Physical Therapy and was told by the surgeon that I would probably need to have surgery on my elbow. I’m so grateful that Johanna took the time to properly diagnose my issue, (which stemmed from my neck – not my elbow). After just a couple weeks of physical therapy, I’ve got feeling back in my arm. I did not know that you could go to see a physical therapist without a doctor’s referral. My insurance covered the majority of the cost and I could not be happier with the results."

-Kim P.

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